Thursday, February 10, 2011

welcome to our temporary home

we have played countless games of peek-a-boo with the curtains. where's kane?
there he is!!
wow i should have taken the red eye out! perfect little baby!
precious love bug!!looking at all the snow outside
full of smiles!
our first night here he opened the bottom drawer and got in. little squirt!
he turns the tv on and off all day! i guess this is payback for turning the tv off when he's watching something.
there is a short counter in the kitchen area and he reaches for everything! always grabbing for something!
he grabbed an apple off the counter and took a big bite. he actually ate most of the apple himself. we were right next to him in case he got too big of a bite.
love this face!
we have spent hours running up and down the hallwaylove this sweet boy so much!
these were the sprinkles strawberry cupcakes i made tuesday night at 10. the power went out wednesday morning at 5. i only got to have 1. have to say they were really yummy! as soon as we get home i want to make them again!
more cupcakes!
lots more pics to come!
i'm sorry to everyone that did not get a valentine from kane. things have been crazy this past week and i have not been able to make a second batch!
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  1. KANE IS SO CUTE!!! I tried to post a comment earlier and it didn't show up?! My computer is crazy... ANYWAY, hope y'all get to go home soon and out of the hotel. Oh and...those cupcakes look AMAZING! YUM! :)


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