Thursday, March 31, 2011

eat your breakfast

this morning i made kane an egg and cheese pizza. nothing fancy but thought he would have fun eating it. however, he wouldn't touch it! he is such a picky eater now. he pointed for his cheerios so i gave in and let him have cheerios, milk and pear slices. as long as he eats something kind of healthy i'm down with it these days.

"mom, what did you do to my eggs?"
breakfast of champions (in the bowl he requested)
we decided to try out one of his easter gifts before i make it non-returnable. i am a little worried that it is too short so i may return it. we'll see.

talk about bed head!

yesterday we were stuck inside because it snowed and i didn't feel like battling the cold. i was trying to think of fun things to do so i took his mattress out of his crib and let him jump on it. i know it's not the best habit to promote but it sounded like fun to me! he has been hopping lately so i thought he would get a kick out of it. i was right! he "jumped" his little heart out.

wondering why i ALWAYS have to take pictures!

jump, jump, jump!
best part of jumping on your mattress? you can lay down and fall asleep instantly!

i made the moss letter i talked about in one of my previous post while kane was napping. i REALLY like it, i just wish it was a little bigger. i may keep this one inside and try to make a larger one with poster board or cardboard. it took no time at all if you are thinking about making one yourself. i would have taken pictures but kane doesn't nap very long so i was in a rush to finish!

happy thursday! get ready for some april fools day fun tomorrow!
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  1. Jumping on the mattress sounds fun to me too! May try that with Ambs too! lol


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