Wednesday, March 30, 2011

can't take the texas out of him

there wouldn't be no Alamo

no cowboys in the super bowl

no "lonesome dove", no "yellow rose"

if it wasn't for Texas.

i wouldn't be a willie fan

nobody would swim the rio grand

i wouldn't be an American

if it wasn't for Texas.

fort worth would never cross my mind

there'd be no Austin city limit sign

no lone star of any kind,

if it wasn't for Texas.

i'd never gone to Tennessee

to sing my songs and chase my dreams,

only heaven knows just where i'd be

if it wasn't for Texas.

it made me the man i am,

thank God for my old stomping ground.

i wouldn't be standing right here right now

if it wasn't for Texas,

if it wasn't for Texas,

if it wasn't for Texas.

- george strait

kane LOVES his boots. he always grabs them and tries to put them on himself. on this day in particular i had just put sandals on him and he saw his boots in the closet and started ripping his sandals off. he wanted his boots... period. he has never been like this with anything. i guess he is a true Texan at heart. he can wear his boots whenever he wants, i don't care what kind mommy looks i get! i love my little cowboy!

it's no secret via twitter that kane has tee shirts galore from h&m. they are the best. i'm a no pocket kind of girl and these are pocket less. at 3.95-4.95 each, i stocked up on lots of colors. one i picked up was a solid black tee, it seemed rather dark but i thought it would come in handy one day. in order to spice it up i embellished it a little, well, as much as you can embellish a boys tee. :)

i'm really happy how it turned out. kind of gives it a kick and makes it match perfectly with his grey shorts.

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