Wednesday, March 30, 2011

stephanie's bluebonnet pictures!

one of favorite mommy friends that i have known since high school is finally starting her photography business! she has been my personal photographer :) since kane was born and i adore her and her work. she is offering bluebonnet sessions for $40!!! she is currently taking the pictures in sugar land but if you prefer another area (within limits) just ask! here are a few pictures i snagged off her facebook page! i could seriously spend hours getting lost in her albums! not only are her pictures phenomenal but her kids are beautiful too! i am positive you will adore her and her pictures as much as i do!

this is her sweet daughter bella!

how perfect is this picture?
not bluebonnet related but she recently took bella's 2nd year pictures and i'm in love! how stunning is she?
could bella make smocked dresses look any cuter? i think not!
to top it off she makes bows too! just thought i'd throw that in!
more random, gorgeous pictures she has taken...
brother and sister love
handsome brad!

just in case you want a face to put along with her name, this is stephanie and her 3 kids- brad, bella and brody! bella is (almost) 2 and brody is 6 months! no idea how she does it!
please keep in mind that not only is she available for bluebonnet pictures but she can do family, birthday, summer, etc as well! if you know anybody looking for a photographer in the sugar land area please pass her info along. i just know she is going to be a BIG hit!

you can find her facebook page right here or email her @!

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  1. Just gorgeous. So excited to have a photographer nearby that is not too expensive. I can't wait to get some pics from her. Thank you so much for sharing!


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