Monday, March 28, 2011

easter crafts i want to do

so many easter crafts are inspiring me... inspiring me to copy them. ha! i really wish i had a house with 4 front doors just so i could justify making all of these wreaths!

all images from tatertots and jello

does anyone have an easter tree? i had one as a little girl and loved it. i am so disappointed in all the ones i have seen so i guess i'll have to create my own. :)

this little number is on it's way just in time for opening day. michael and i are super excited to take kane to a baseball game this season. we are hoping michael will be off when the reds play the astros! i'm sure we will get lots of dirty looks but we wil be there supporting the 'stros of course! i know michael will call me crazy (what's new) but i really want to make kane a baseball bracelet. have you seen them? they are adorable and i think kane needs one now.

have you gotten your ballard design catalog in yet? as i was flipping through the pages before i tossed it out i saw this! i am loving these maps right now. they look very restoration
hardware-ish to me. one day when kane has a game room i would love to get them!

somehow or another i came across this blog few days ago and i would be lying if i said i wasn't amazed! he is (i think) a stay at home dad who blows me and my breakfast creations out of the water. take a look. you will be inspired and completely intimidated! the things this man can do with pancake batter baffles me!

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