Monday, March 28, 2011

toy story 3 movie night

saturday night we had a toy story 3 movie party.
i printed out the whole gang for kane to play with.
we made martian cupcakes
don't laugh... we also made jessie's hat

while we were making dinner kane snacked on a mr. potato head tortilla
it didn't take him long to rearrange his face!
mmm... eating chicken noodle soup since it was snowing outside
after dinner kane colored in his toy story coloring book

our little "woody" watching the movie in his boots
love him!
i found toy story tattoos so of course kane had to have the woody one.


mommy and kane

daddy and kane

before i knew it my boys were fast asleep

the next morning kane was in the best little mood! maybe because his daddy was home?

haha! michael changed his diaper and for no reason changed his pants AND put them on backwards!

of course lamb was hungry for breakfast too so he fed him cheerios

we had such a fun family evening!


  1. super cute mama!! he would fit right in over here! :) love your creativity! you're the best.

  2. How cute! What great ideas! I might have to make some of those treats with Ella, she loves Toy Story 3.

  3. SO CUTE! lol I love his little boots

  4. AMAZING job mama! You need to be planning parties.


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