Sunday, March 27, 2011

new shades?

ohio has the strangest weather i have ever seen. early this week it was gorgeous! 70-75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. yesterday started out the same way then all of a sudden the tornado sirens started going off and it started hailing. after about 30 minutes the sky cleared and it was a beautiful afternoon. then, we woke up today to 30 degree weather and snow flurries. it looks like this cold weather isn't going anywhere for a while. i'm just so thankful we got a little taste of spring!

earlier this week we started up our family walks again. it is one of my most favorite things to do. i love my little family!

daddy and kane playing before we left!

it started sprinkling on us so we had to cut our first official family walk of the year short.

happy as a little clam to be outside

bizarre story- yesterday kane and i went on a hour walk and ran into a lady who stopped us. she asked if the community pool was open and i replied that i didn't know. then she asked how baby blaire was doing and wondered why i left her at home? LOL she obviously thought i was somebody else but made my heart burst thinking about having another baby! especially a blaire miranda!

we went to target the other day and i HAD to have a pizza hut personal pan pizza. it was so good!! i felt like i was back at bellaire high school and it was pizza hut friday!

i snatched up these cupcake pots- can't wait to bake some easter cupcakes!

kane kickin' back and relaxing while i shopped at gap

i tried these cute sunglasses on k at gap and i was sure he would hate them but he LOVED them! we had everyone in the store laughing because he would crack up when i put them on him.


have you ever seen a cooler kid?

i just asked michael if he liked them and he said " i'm not really into purple!" lol they are a dark gray!

in other news, i have been catching up on blogs lately and as i was reading life thru a linds i saw that she is throwing her daughter a two-two party! ahhh, this was my secret party that i already have planned when ;) i have a daughter! i can not wait to see what she does! so excited to see her ideas.
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