Thursday, March 24, 2011


kane and i went on an adventure to ikea the other day. we found lots of fun summer things! i found some furniture that i like for kane's big boy room but i'm just not sure how durable it will be. i slammed the drawers (ha!) and tried to see if i could pull it over on me (thinking of kane climbing in the drawers) but was pleasantly surprised to see that it seemed pretty strong. i just need it to last a few years until michael is done with residency then we can splurge on something that is nicer. they had this dresser and chest, a few different styles of night stands, a big mirror and a book shelf. plus, it came in a lot of colors! blue, black, white and a brown/grey. i'm thinking i may get blue for kane but we'll see! did i mention this dresser is only $299? i am kind of impressed ikea!

this one was $270. i'll have to find some cool boy knobs if we go with this set.

i saw these little umbrellas and fell in love! they have a small size for $9.99 and larger ones for $15! so cute for a beach trip! these came in navy, lime and hot pink.

how cute are these little treasure chests?

lulu, if we have a girl you will be receiving this little number to keep at your house! seriously, how adorable is this thing? i could do without the red wheels but for $200 i'll manage!
kane loved pushing the cart around!

beep beep coming through!

love my little shopping buddy!
he kept losing his shorts so when we got home we tried out his new belt!
thanks kingston rossdale for the style idea! i can't wait to try the belt with jeans and a white button down. when did i become such a prep??
i finally went and picked up kane's park tote. i am so pleased with how it turned out. i can't wait to fill it with all his park toys.
i have been chomping at the bit to paint something with chalkboard paint but since we are moving in june there is no point in doing it now. i have decided that when we move i'm either going to paint a small wall in kane's room or the bottom portion of a wall with colored chalkboard paint! thats right, COLORED chalkboard paint! eek, how fun is that? if one of these colors don't match his room then i'll make my own with unsanded tile grout! a whole new world has opened up! I CAN NOT WAIT!

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  1. the shoes and belt just crack me up! LOL so cute!

  2. I have that Ikea dresser (in brown) at my mom's house and is really sturdy! That's probably the more durable thing I've bought from Ikea. Seriously. I may move to our next house and use for Brody's room.

    Kane is ADORABLE!! Love the preppy look!

  3. I have the full pink baby set from IKEA. Love it!! I always wanted it and when we adopted Annie, I literally ran to IKEA!! I was so excited! lol

  4. My parents have the wide dresser at their beach house, and it is great. I wish I had gotten something like that for Avery instead of an $800 PB Kids dresser that is really just crap. It makes me sick to my stomach that I was blinded by their junk. The legs cracked in half when we moved it to paint the room. They brought us a new one, but the drawer has a small crack in it now.


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