Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cousin love

this is the last houston post...promise.

awhile ago i blogged about not wanting kane to have a security blanket because of dealing with my niece and her "floppy" in the past. despite my best efforts kane now has not 1 but 2 security blankets. i am trying to teach him that he can have them but only when he sleeps. not going exactly as planned but we are trying. when we were in houston, kane had his 2 blankets, kylie had her floppy and cadyn had her blanket. i felt like i was up to my eyeballs in blankies! i was constantly picking them up off the floor and washing them. on several occasions kylie lost her floppy and the world stopped. we probably spent a total of 5 hours looking for it. this is exactly what i don't want to happen with kane and his blankets. bedtime only!! lol

we spent lots of time doing hair and nails! my fav!
the girls waiting their turn for my cousin brooke to paint their toes.
lovely shade of orange :)

i meant to get a group shot of the girls toes but it just never happened.

our first night in houston. my brother got me a cake that night too. :) love me some cake!

the next 2 are out of order but they are 2 of my favorite pics of kane!

handsome boy waiting for lulu in her office

the kids took bubble baths together every night. love how kylie is eating the bubbles!

i could never get all the kids to look at me at the same time and smile! stinkers!

love how much they love each other!

silly babies!
i made them "cousin love" shirts. kylie and her "smile" cracks me up. she was giving me the cheesiest grins!
youngest to oldest
Kane, Cadyn, Kylie, Chloe

who put my in charge of all these precious babies??? i'm such a lucky aunt!
kylie, brooke and chloe passed out after our movie night

sweet cadyn

i LOVED watching all the kids together. it was a little bumpy at times but so worth it to see the kids playing together. i can't wait to move back so the girls and kane can form a strong bond.

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  1. omg those sleeping pics are so sweet! such cute kiddos!


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