Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Houston Rodeo

the last full day of our houston trip lulu took us to the rodeo. i had never been during the day so it was a fun new adventure for kane and i.

waiting in my grandma's car for lulu to pick us up. (my aunt lives so far away so we met in the middle)
he is something else. he LOVES containers. the can was empty but he thought he was so big drinking out of it like i do.
do you see how he is pulling away from lulu? lol he wanted nothing to do with our families! he has stranger danger BIG time! i felt so bad for my family. they wanted nothing more the to scoop him up and smoother him with kisses but he was not having it!

we ate at freebirds... it is one of our favorite places but freebirds at the rodeo= complete disaster.
my precious boy!

he let lulu pick him up for 2 seconds! so glad i had my camera ready!

he kept picking up the shavings on the ground and putting them on the animals! ha!!

love his face!

riding the train back to the car
later that night we went to eat at the racquet club. perfect place for kids! he could walk around or play in the playground while we ate.

aunt ashley and kane

miss holly stopped by to say hi and kane turned into the biggest flirt! he pulled out all his cutest tricks and faces.
once my brother got back in town he had a mini family party for me.

real funny danny!

my family and my newly returned step dad. it was his 2nd week back in houston after living in virginia for 10 years.

ALL my brother's kids (his girlfriends kids included)
ashlyn, chloe, landon, kylie (who wouldn't take her eyes off the cake!) and cadyn

after dinner and cake the kids put on a play for me. they gave each of us tickets to enter. so cute!! love their imagination. my brother said they practiced all day!

landon was the organizer and the musician

each girl had her own act where they would come out and dance and sing

after making a sneaky exit without kane i went to chelsea's for the bachelor finale. we wanted to make emily shirts or something but the other girls thought we were silly! lol it was SO GOOD to have girl time. i have missed them so much!!

right before leaving for the airport kane decided to master the stairs. uncle matt was helping him out.

when we arrived in cincinnati we had to wait about 3 hours for michael to pick us up. we had no idea it would take that long otherwise we would have taken a taxi. kane kept himself entertained by "watching" the lion king and patrolling the coke machine.

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