Tuesday, March 22, 2011

outside play

besides having 4 kids and a house to watch over my brother also has 3 dogs, 2 fish and a dragon of some sort. everything seemed to be going ok until saturday evening. keep reading...

during our houston trip we had perfect weather so we spent many hours outside.

cadyn and kane playing- i thought cadyn was tiny for her age but by the looks of it she's either really tall or kane is short. yikes! (they are 11 months apart)

kylie and her friend ella riding around in the barbie mustang!

i tried to get a picture of kane and cadyn in the car but kane wanted nothing to do with it!

kane trying to keep up with kylie. chloe asked me why kane was sweating so much... sadly it's not sweat it's drool. this kid is like a leaky faucet, the drool is a never ending story!


the outside gang + chloe's friend, kaitlyn

sweet babies!!!!

my brother's 4 month old great dane "puppies"

they were horses to kane!

watching the puppies play. love the fact that kylie in wearing her hannah montana halloween dress!

ok, this is when chaos hit the kirkpatrick house...
saturday when we were in the backyard playing on the play set one of the neighbors came in through the gate. since my brother had just gotten 2 great dane puppies i checked to make sure the gate was closed before we went inside, sure enough it was. somewhere between changing diapers, potty training my niece, dealing with meltdowns, stairs and feeding all the kids the same little girl left through the back gate?? no idea why. this time i did not even think to check the gate. so 2-3 hours later i went out back to feed the puppies their dinner and they were GONE!! i was freaking out! i had 4 kids, it was dark and no family around to help me look for these massive puppies. only 1 of them had a tag on and OF COURSE the tag only had the dogs name and my brothers cell. where was my brother? in mexico! so his number didn't even work. he has international calling but every time you tried to call him a lady speaking spanish picked up. in fear of finding the dogs dead on the side of the road and my nieces being scarred for life i didn't want to drive around. plus it occurred to me how was i supposed to lift 60 pounds dogs into the back of my brothers lifted truck. instant migraine! so i resorted to calling every pet store and vet clinic around. we were in the process of making signs when my aunt arrived to help. she drove around for a little bit and found the dogs!! i was so relieved! my brother called in the middle of the chaos and i swear i heard him crying! i was so thankful that my aunt was able to find and pick up the dogs!

-my grandma lives with my aunt and mentioned to her that she should run by the store and buy steaks to leave on the front porch so the dogs would smell them and come home! lol my grandma, bless her heart! love her to death!-

after the dogs great escape my uncle took them in the bathroom to drink from the bath water. yuck!!

so gross! he said it didn't occur to him to use the hose outside!

cadyn was not the biggest kane fan. she took any chance she could to lock him in the pantry or in one of the bedrooms! i was in over my head!

watering the ground?? whatever, i treasured every second he wasn't running around like a crazy kid in the street.

my brother has the HUGE blowup slide but i was too chicken to do it by myself. he said it was very complicated and that i needed to dry and fold it up so it wouldn't mold. pshhh, with 4 kids running around? no thanks! so the kids settled on the slip and slide and the baby pool. thank goodness!!

sweet babes splashing around!

kane loved pretending talking on the phone

my sweet boy!

princess cadyn

love this little squirt to pieces!

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  1. Goodness.. I was stressed just reading this haha! Glad you made it out alive. Owen has those same camo shorts.. Children's Place?? And I LOVE his lobster swimsuit! He is so adorable.


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