Tuesday, April 5, 2011

dinner and fire trucks

michael is an intern at a rather small hospital. there are only 4 interns and a handful of residents. only 1 is married and none of them have kids. it has put a big damper on us getting out and socializing with them. michael is very close with the guys and has done things with them several times but this past weekend kane and i went too. michael and i brought the meat, twice baked potatoes and wine. sounds like a perfect dinner to me! come to find out the couple is trying to get pregnant. well, they were before dinner! ha! kane literally ran circles around their house chasing their animals. i was so thankful they were down to earth and even played chase with him! whew. totally lucked out on that one!

john playing the guitar for kane. john is actually transferring to Michigan next year. the two guys are bffs! lol i won't be surprised if they shed a few tears when they part ways! :) seriously, michael and him are connected at the hip! i'm so glad michael found such a great friend. john is originally from texas and plans on moving back as soon as his residency is over.

the other week michael and i found a great mexican restaurant. it's like a chipotle but better! it's called Qdoba. we met john there for lunch this past saturday before we went to costco to get food for our dinner.


on the way home, we saw firetrucks racing towards a car that was on fire. kane was in awe of the fire trucks. i would love to take him to the fire station when we move back to houston. any takers to come with?

the other morning we let kane sit in his chair and eat breakfast as a treat. happy boy, sitting in his chair and watching saturday morning cartoons.

about 75 days until we move! i need to get busy setting everything up!
happy tuesday y'all!

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  1. We would love to join the fire station playdate! There's one behind our neighborhood that I've seen little play groups go to!!

  2. Is is sad that I just discovered Chipotle last week? Shawn and I have literally eaten there the last three days in a row. Also, Kane is so stinkin' handsome. He's going to be such a little heartbreaker!


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