Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my whole heart

i love my boys so much! they are my whole world. watching the two of them play warms my heart.
kane loves to go up, up, up

before we went to texas last month i had gotten kane a dora coloring book and he recently discovered that there are stickers in the back. he had me peel off every single one so he could put them on my face! WARNING- mama looked bad. very, very bad! i just couldn't fight the urge to take a picture with my baby!

i decided to pay him back with a few on his face! all the "sticky" was gone off the stickers so they kept falling off.

of course, we had to decorate daddy too! (who was post call and asleep on the couch)

welcome home honey!
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  1. So funny! LOL and you don't look bad! You have on a Texas shirt :)


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