Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the past weekend/ easter tree

michael was off work this past weekend, so sunday we headed to the park!

we filled up kane's park bag with every thing we could think of!

lovin' on his daddy

kane absolutely loves chalk! it was the first thing he grabbed out of the bag.

we could swing like this forever. one of my favorite things to do!

lmichae playing peek-a-boo with kane while he was swinging. i have never heard so many belly laughs!

i forgot to share the baseball cupcakes we made for opening day! if only kane's shirt would have made it on time!

i am so inspired by dear lillie and want to copy everything she does! this is my take of her easter tree. cute but not as pretty as hers! i really love the moss letter i made. so cheap and easy!

monday night michael was on call so kane and i rented "despicable me" and made apple chips as a snack. i should have put lemon juice on them because they turned brown before i knew it. i guess slicing them so thin will do that!

they actually tasted very good. :)

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  1. yall are too cute! I am in love with that blog as well!! I want to replicate her daughter's room for Bella!!!


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