Thursday, April 7, 2011

stuck like glue

my son has become quite the mommy's boy. oh my heavens. he never leaves my side. if i walk out of a room he is right behind me. if i'm in the living room and walk into the kitchen, instead of just looking over and seeing me, he comes and stands in the kitchen. if i go in the bathroom, he follows. i love having my little shadow but you would think when michael gets home he would get a little better. WRONG. he gets so much worse! he literally has a hold of my pants and walks around with me. if i sit, he sits in my lap. if i shower without him (when michael's home) he sits at the closed door and screams and cries until i'm done. relaxing huh? if michael and i are driving together and i get out of the car first he freaks because he thinks i'm leaving. no joke. he has EXTREME separation anxiety with me. does anyone have some hints for how to deal? when we move back i would love to be able to leave him with family every now and then so i can run around without him. i feel so bad if i have a lot of errands and i have to get him in and out of the car seat. plus, unless i know what i want at the store he only has an attention span of about 15 seconds to sit still and not fuss. i love my baby duck but as you can imagine sometimes i feel like i need just a little bit of space. i'm talking like 2 feet. nothing drastic. just let me vacuum without requesting that i hold him. i know if the time comes and i do leave him with someone, i'll be the bigger mess i'm sure! he's my little shadow. michael and i saw a preview for family guy and kane acts just like stewie! only on the preview of course. he says mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, mommy, mum, mum, mum over and over again! i'll answer him each time, i guess he just loves calling my name! after he has said it 15 times i'll say "WHAT?" in a laughing voice and he'll crack up laughing and run away! oh my goodness. i have to say, a little part of me loves how much kane loves me. we do need to get it under control though!
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  1. I wish I had some advice for you but we are going through the same thing over here. Lillie all of the sudden won't let me out of her sight. It is so hard isn't it? (Although it's sweet too!)


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