Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Along with being Good Friday today is also Earth Day! The forecast predicted rain today so we decided to celebrate Earth Day yesterday. I guess I should mention that it has rained for the past week and the forecast shows rain all next week. Every egg hunt i have looked into is canceled because of the bad, cold weather. I'm glad Kane is young and does not care about hunting for eggs yet.

We went to the library and picked out the only "green" book we could find.

then we went outside and planted flower seeds in our pot
Kane had fun playing in the dirt.

adding dirt to the pot

and pouring in the seeds...not sure if any seeds are in the pot currently. He got a little wild with the mixing.

we painted the pot before hand... RESPECT YOUR MOTHER EARTH!

proof the seeds did make it into the pot

After throwing most of the dirt out he decided to put some back in the pot. We'll see if anything besides weeds grow!

My little gardener!

what trip outside would be complete without walking to the park?

say "cheese"Happy Earth Day! Rememeber to do something green!

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  1. his hair just cracks me up! lol love it!

  2. So cute!!!!Miss u too, twitter was just too addicting to me:(((

  3. haha this is adorable! that shirt is awesome!

  4. Jamie!! You are the cutest most creative mommy EVER!!! Love all your ideas!! Kane's shirt is adorable & love the pot you decorated!! :)


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