Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter weekend did not go exactly how i had hoped. It rained all weekend so every hunt we had planned on going to was canceled, Michael worked and I could not think of anything to get Kane for his Easter basket. I thought about taking Kane to see the Easter bunny but quickly remembered how much he disliked Santa! I was the Scrooge of Easter this year. Everything "big" i could think of getting Kane was off limits because the movers have been paid and inventory has already been taken. He didn't need little toys, candy or clothes. Truth be told, I had been talking to a lady on Etsy about making stickers for his camo water bottle and his lap desk but 2 weeks before Easter she was MIA. (I'm STILL waiting for her to get back to me) Anyways, you get the picture. Besides, the reason for Easter has nothing to do with gifts.

The evening before I managed to get a little creative so we went and bought the Easter bunny some carrots and laid them outside. I was hoping by some miracle I would snap out of my funk but Easter just isn't the same when you are flying solo.

Thank goodness Kane's grandmas were on top of it and got him a "little" something. Even though we told my mom no BIG gifts she said she couldn't pass up such a good deal on the 4-wheeler. Lulu got Kane his 1st birthday item. How stinking cute is that superhero shirt? Oh my, I am in love! The body even has abs! You see that 1 little gift in his basket? That's from M and I. Guess what it is... a slinky!! LOL pathetic! He is one lucky boy to have 2 grandmas that spoiled him this Easter. Growing up my brother and I only got candy and that ended when I turned 10! When did Easter get so out of hand? When K and I were at toys r us the day before you should have seen the HUGE toys parents were snatching up. Is this a northern thing? Maybe parents up here feel bad that their children have been stuck indoors since November? Does this happen in Texas?

Thank you Meredith for the sweet Easter gifts for Kane! You rock!

how awesome is this shirt? LOVE! thank you lulu!!

Kane got the biggest kick out of the little boy on the box. He kept on petting him!

Michael made it home in time for the 11 o'clock church service Sunday morning so we all got dressed and went. I was so thankful for that. When he is post call you never know what time he will be home so it was a nice surprise. Kane was so good in the service. He was the perfect little gentleman. After church we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

I got Kane this tie last year and i was so excited he could finally wear it. Too bad he would not sit still for a picture! (yep, he was rocking his cowboy boots)

Sunday evening the rain stopped long enough for us to go on an Easter egg hunt.

I squeezed his rain boots on him and we were off! He had no interest in picking up eggs, he was too busy laughing at the neighbors cat.

He kept on saying "woof, woof" to the poor cat. We were lucky the cat didn't attck him!

and he found a puddle on the way home...

happy as can be splashing in the mud!

needless to say he was NOT ready to go inside.I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend!

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  1. I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone in my thoughts about huge Easter gifts! However, that 4 wheeler is pretty awesome:) Don't feel bad about the slinky either, Jackson didn't get much more than that from me! His grandparents and aunts did all the spoiling this year.

    Love Kane's tie and puddle jumping, so fun!

  2. Totally agree with your thoughts on Easter too!! We didn't get big gifts growing up either. Just candy, stickers, little things. That is the way we do Easter baskets at our house now too. Otherwise I think kids start to think that the meaning of the holiday is to only get toys! ... LOVE the pics of Kane in his tie, he is so cute!! So happy you guys will be back in Texas so soon!! xo

  3. Oh & PS- LOVE the new blog design!! So fun and bright!! :)

  4. I feel the exact same way! When I saw some of the gifts other mom's were getting their kids, I was appalled! I remember getting candy and one gift, like a movie or CD when I was growing up.


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