Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Crafts

A few weeks before Easter, Kane and I ran into Michaels for some rainy day crafts. They had so many cute little things that we snagged... thankfully!

I loved these little eggs. They had so many colors and sizes to pick from. I wish I would have gotten more for him when they went on sale.

"hello?? Mom is this a phone?"

"do I eat it?" ha! poor kid wasn't sure what it was!

"You mean it's just for fun? Mom your so crazy!"

We also got these foam sheets. It's so fun collecting things he draws on now. I dated everything and started his little craft pile. :)

We colored bunny masks too! He loved playing peek-a-boo with them but when I pulled out the camera he would throw them down!

We made "dirt" cupcakes and carrots out of starbursts.

what dirt pile would be complete without worms?

A few weeks ago Michael and I took Kane to a farm that was supposed to be a blast. Too bad we were totally disappointed!

K got a kick out of the tall men.

beep, beep!!!

Kane's Easter eggs

how creative am I putting stickers on eggs? ha!

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