Tuesday, May 10, 2011

anniversary-moms day-ella

Yesterday, Michael and I celebrated our second anniversary. Well, as much as one can celebrate with a toddler and post-call husband.

The second anniversary gift is cotton... I'm hoping once we get our new couch we will get a Jonathan Adler monogram pillow. It's cotton, so it works... right :)

Happy anniversary to my sweet husband. He works so hard for us and I am so proud to be his wife! Love you tons!

such a perfect day!
On mother's day, Michael was on call so Kane and I went on a mommy-son date. There is a great pizza place down the street from us. I'm obsessed with their calzones and Kane loves watching them make the pizzas so it was a win,win.

My sweet angel... I love being his mommy!

The guys throw flour at the kids... such a fun place!

Last Thursday, our town kicked off their "fresh market on the town." Once a week local farmers bring their goods to main street and you can go and support them by purchasing their items.

Michael was working (once again) so Kane and I decided to go solo.

All the kids love to play in the fountain.

A few weeks ago, I made kane banana popsicles. He loves them!

I saw this book at Sur la Table... it made me smile because it would have made my dad's heart happy.

We also made my step-moms famous cake. I always begged her to make it for us in the summer. Kane loved "helping".

"mom, i'm trying to bake! stop taking my picture!"

they are amazing!

want the recipe??

here you go...

regular cake mix, just add pineapple/mandarin orange juice instead of water to the mix. (get canned crushed pineapple and mandarin oranges... i got two of each) then you mix in the fruit to the batter. Cook as usual. For the icing, use cool whip and leftover fruit.

such a refreshing cake!

I saw this sign as we were running errands the other day, pretty much sums it up! We had a record breaking April for the most rain EVER!!! I think the weatherman said it rained 24 out of 30 days. Makes me depressed just thinking about it.

I saved the best for last- meet Ella Sinclair! This little angel was born May 7 th to our dear friends and soon to be neighbors, Abby and Matt. I can not wait to get my hands on her! Such perfection! Can you believe she only weighed 6.10 at 41 weeks? Tiny little girl is as beautiful as her mommy. Happy mother's day Abby! I will babysit ALL the time!!


  1. the grass is always greener, right? it has not rained here, (significantly), since like Jan 20something. I'm not complaining my husband is! lol

  2. Love the wedding pics & the one's of Kane are so sweet!!! Happy Anniversary, Mama!! xoxo

  3. Happy Anniversary! I bet you guys are getting so excited about moving home, it's getting so close!


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