Wednesday, May 11, 2011

woof, woof

When Kane and I were at Target the other day we decided to pop into the pet store since Kane has been learning about animal sounds. His favorite animal by far is a dog. Shocker, right? As we approached the puppies in the cage he started barking, ha!

This sweet puppy was tugging at my heart.

I decided that our next theme day should be about puppies. After getting a few crafts, we made it happen.

We pulled out his puppy books and read all about them.

We even stopped by Party City and got a dog balloon.

I made him a "top dog" ribbon

that he refused to wear.

We made dog bone biscuits for breakfast and

dog sugar cookies for a snack.

He even ate them out of his own dog bowl... thanks mama Poe for the idea.

We also got puppy stickers and dogs for him to color.

Kane coloring "Rex"

While he was napping, I made him this puppy shirt. We went outside later to try and find a real puppy but we did not have any luck.

This is his face when he doesn't want me to take his picture now!

Trying to pick flower for his mama

I told him it was "hot" so he would blow it. It only took once for him to get the hang of it!

Sweet boy in his puppy dog shirt! He kept pulling at the puppy's ears and tail so I'm glad they stayed attached!

paw print on his bum!

I think K really loved puppy day, I know I did!


  1. Such a great idea!! Love all the fun stuff you do with Kane. :) ...looks like someone needs a puppy, & his shirt is SO cute!

  2. Love his sweet smile! We have "Good Night Scout" too, baby girl loves it!


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