Wednesday, May 11, 2011

shirts and party ideas

You guys have heard me talk about the Poe family blog a few times. I adore her and all the fun stuff she does for her boys. This morning, as I was reading blogs I saw that she now has an Etsy store. I am thrilled! I am so torn on what shirts I want to order because they are all adorable!Align Center

this one is so fun

I'm obsessed with mustaches for little boys so this one is awesome. Love them!and this one is a MUST!
she has a few more in her store so you should go check them out!

Ok, the rest of the blog is all messed up! My computer isn't letting me copy and paste so all the pictures are at the top and my party idea/ moving info are at the bottom. Sorry!

Kane and I love to go on little adventures. We go outside and I let him just walk around and decide where he wants to go.

He loves exploring and finding new things to touch.

These pics were at the pet store the other day. He reminded me of the little girl on Finding Nemo. All the fish would swim away from him!

Taking my picture

For those of you who don't know yet, Michael and I signed a lease on a charming house in the medical center. Well, I hope it's charming, we have never seen it. Yikes!! My MIL has been our go-to person. She is the one who went and saw it with 20 minutes notice and got the ball rolling for us! I am so blessed to have such a great MIL, love her!

We also signed a contract for movers. This is huge! Last summer, Michael and I did it by ourselves. I drove Kane and Michael drove the moving truck. I swear my eyes would cross at times driving. It was a long 17 hours. When I looked into doing the same thing this year I was stunned to find out that moving trucks QUADRUPLED in price. We paid $300 last year and this year they are going for $1200. Same time, gas not included and same size truck, just don't get it. On top of that, we would have to pay movers to load us and unload us. For the same price we were able to find movers who will do it all for us. It will be so nice to have another driver and someone to talk to on this adventure...especially when its my better half.

i have had parties on my brain lately... lets face it, i always have parties on my mind. i dream about kids parties sometimes. pure craziness! here are a few i thought of and love but just won't work for my family. I'd love for you to use them!

an aggie 1st birthday party. the gig 'em thumb as in "1".

a longhorn 2nd party... that's right, get your horns up and count them. perfect for a 2 year old!

now i didn't think of this one, my husbands cousins wife did... did you catch that? her idea is a "chuga chuga two-two" party. i would eat this one up but i already have the ball rolling on kane's superhero extravaganza. Speaking of that, I'm dumb founded when it comes to thinking of a "2" theme. "2 infinity and beyond" is the ONLY thing that keeps popping in my head and obviously that won't work. total brain block going on.

i recently gave a twitter/blog friend (hopefully soon to be real friend) a really cool theme but I'm not telling. it's top secret! right Haley? :)

I think everyone knows this already but I fall in love with it more each time I talk about it... a two-two party for a little girl. Can you imagine the cuteness? tutus around tables and ties for little boys. CAN NOT WAIT!

my mom is moving back to Houston Friday after living in Chesapeake, VA for 10 years. We are next in line! 37 days!

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  1. "2 infinity and beyond" does work missy! I like it! :) I want to do a "two-two" party for little miss also, but haven't given it much thought. I'll trade you my box of "Onederland" goodies for your ideas! Haha Start a party blog...


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