Thursday, May 12, 2011

A to Z

After seeing a lot of alphabet walls on pinterest I finally decided to join in! I am so excited about some of my finds!

I still need an A and Z. I think I'm going to Home Depot to get some wood and make my own. I did not realize I got the same D and E so one of those needs to be returned. My SIL ran over to Urban Outfitters for me and got me a couple metal letters that were $10 on sale for $2! Thank you so much Ashley!

The L is 2 rulers... love that!

With a few painted, covered in yarn, crayons, fabric (i got burlap for starters) and scrapbook paper I think I will be very happy! I searched etsy this morning and found some I love too so I may be switching some around.
I fell in love with the peace sign and the life saver for an O so I decided to do a number list as well. So far I only have 7 and 10. I'll focus on those later. So many letters in one day made my head spin!

I am so excited to move and get these bad boys up in Kane's playroom!

I'm on my way to H&M to stock up on colored tees for Kane, if anyone has an order for me let me know soon! I'll try to take a few pictures of things without looking too crazy!


  1. So fun!! I will definitely be doing an alphabet wall some day! Can't wait to see yours all done.

  2. I love this idea! It's so cute! I'll keep my eyes open for any A's and Z's of interest. I'm sending you a message shortly, I need to pick that creative mind of yours!

  3. Oh and p.s. about the early walkers in the family...I don't doubt it, our babies' great-grandfather was a genius, I'm sure they take after him ;)


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