Monday, May 23, 2011

what we've been up to

We are nearing the end to our year long stay in Cincinnati and we could not be happier. Kane and I have been busy packing, crafting and shopping!

For Kane's alphabet wall that i blogged about last week I ended up making a crayon "F".

I'm so pleased how it turned out. Kane keeps trying to pick the crayons off!

I have been wanting to get Kane a wire picture hanger for some time now and I think I finally found what I want at Ikea. If that doesn't clearly explain it to you check it out here. This is Kane's first picture that will be hanging.

Since joining Pinterest I have fallen in love with so many ideas. This is one of the first ideas I ever saw. It's all of our hand prints. I need to paint the frame and have my grandmother, who can do calligraphy, add our name. (and windex the glass)

I also saw this in a picture gallery. The start to our family. I think I am going to do a collage of pictures down our hallway. (again the frame will be painted... probably grey)

Now on to pictures of my favorite son. This was towards the end of our outside adventure.

You can tell he was worn out!

love how he gets pink cheeks even with sunscreen

He can climb on the whale all by himself. where did my baby go?

dirty hands=little boy

and we played peek-a-boo for the millionth time

I'm obsessed with grey and bright yellow currently so if you see Kane wearing this color combo a lot it's on purpose :)

He loves to drive the cars now at the grocery store.

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  1. You did a great job on the crayon F, love that. I also LOVE the handprint idea, so sweet. And as always Kane is just adorable. SO happy y'all will be home soon!!!


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