Monday, April 11, 2011

kisses for daddy

when michael has a bad night on call he usually comes home, eats and falls asleep on the couch. he tries so hard to stay awake for kane and i but sometimes he is so tired he can't help it. last week i was doing something in the kitchen while kane was playing in the living room, i peeked in to make sure he wasn't bothering michael and i saw him kiss michael. granted, i had to ask him to do it again so i could get a picture but isn't it the sweetest? michael was fast asleep and kane went up to him and kissed him on his own. sweet boy! just what daddy needed from a little boy who only wants his mommy. see michael, he really does love you too!!

one more time please! maybe kane will be a great actor one day! he's great at doing multiple takes! ha!

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