Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i am in love with the poe family. she has the best ideas for her 2 sweet boys and i literally want to do all of them! if you haven't seen her blog you really should check it out! she makes me want to be a more fun, creative mommy! i'm sure one day kane will personally want to thank her! one of my favorite things she does is monthly theme days for her oldest son. they pick out a book and do activities based on it. this is right up my alley and i know kane will grow to love it! our first theme day was based on robots!

kane and i went to the library and picked out 2 very cool robot books!

we read them multiple times and "discussed" robots to no end. i even showed him how to walk like a robot! (no pictures for that one thank goodness!)

it was only fitting that we pulled out his robot blanket and pjs too!

then we went to work building our own robot. we got boxes at costco and wrapped them in foil. (i think that was kane's favorite part) we used candy for his face and empty paper towel rolls for his arms and antennae.

kane reading "robo-kane" the robot book.

please don't judge my robot making skills... i had a toddler pulling everything off as i was putting them on!

we also made our own version of cake pops!

i had a hard time shaping them but you get the idea.

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  1. this is awesome! just perfect! i love the cake pops!

  2. THIS IS AMAZING. I haven't seen this "segment" on her blog. Isn't she incredible? I started doing her letter of the week and we are loving it. Your cake pops are AWESOME, I am so impressed. Happy you're enjoying the book. Such a cute post, and you're such a creative mama. Kane is blessed.


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