Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Feed A Baby... Deer

This past weekend we went down to visit my family in Bay City. My step-sister had told me that she rescued a baby deer off their property so I could not wait to see her! They have had her for a month now and are raising her until she is old enough to make it on her own.

They have to keep her in a kennel so she doesn't eat all my sister's plants.
Sweet Naya
Taking her outside to go potty...

She is so pretty!

She thinks she is just one of the ranch dogs!

Kane and I got to feed her milk out of a bottle.

While Naya was napping Faith taught Kane how to play ping pong. That is the same ping pong table that my dad and I had in our garage. Back in the day I was a ping pong champ...or maybe he just let me win!
My nephew, who is 21, has learned how to make his own red wine. They have grape trees down by their river and he started picking them and making his own. He even has started a little business selling the jugs. Such an entrepreneur!
I'll take both!

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