Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Michael got his new white coat! I could not be more proud of my husband.

I finally got a copy of my brothers leg x-ray from when he broke his femur. Ouch!

I believe I have tackled and conquered my kitchen shelves. Look at those suckers! So many OPEN shelves! My husband is not very impressed, he says he now has to search for a plate! ha! Sorry babe, but it's gotta look good!
When I was at Ikea I saw and fell in love with this humongous map. I am seriously rethinking my plans for Kane's big boy room just so I can incorporate this. Back to the drawing board!

In Kane's playroom I got these wires (actually curtain rods) to hang his art work from. The K is actually the K off of my dad's varsity jacket.

Kane's finished alphabet wall. I thought about using my dad's varsity jacket K after I hung the silver K on this wall. I was a day late on that one.

The house is slowly coming together!

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