Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am having an inner battle with myself about enrolling Kane in school. I want him to socialize and learn new things that he may not learn from me, but are we ready for this step? Am I ready? Michael laughs at me and tells me it's not about me and that I need to "cut the cord", but is Kane ready? He still screams if he sees me walk away. I realize school would help with that, but secretly I love that he still needs me so much. (again, I'm making this about me.. sorry)

I mean let's get real... he is only 20 months. I'm not pregnant and don't plan on getting pregnant right away so what would I do while he is at school? Yes, clean and run errands are the obvious, but I have done it for so long with him it's no big deal for me. When we lived in Cincinnati I didn't have any help and it became second nature to me. Am I really holding him back by not putting him in this year? He has 17 years of school that he has to attend so what's the rush with putting him in right away? Michael and I have given up so many things so I can stay home with him, so I guess I feel guilty for putting him in school. I mean, my job is him, right? Moms, what are your opinions about this? Do I need to cut the cord and enroll him this year?


  1. I work full time, but I wanted Jackson to stay home with a nanny for totally selfish reasons...and I have to say that making the decision for him to start school in June was the best thing I could have done for him. He is a totally different kid and is learning so much it just blows my mind. I wanted him home, even if it wasn't with me, but this held him back from developing and learning how to be independent and fend for himself...and he's a talking up a storm now!

  2. If you keep him home this year, he still has 3 years of pre school before kindergarten. I say keep him home. Annie is a month behind him and I didn't even think about starting her yet. Didn't even cross my mind. Let's enjoy our clingy babies while we can, fall 2012 they can become independent. :)

  3. It is such a hard decision, and believe me, we have been there too. Avery was in daycare three days a week while I was working before Amelia arrived. She loved it and loved the learning and structure. Since January she has been home with me, and I feel like even though I do learning time with her she misses being with the other kids. Avery is 27 months and is starting two days a week at our church (Sugar Creek) this fall. It is a personal decision, but it will probably help with the clingy part and help him become more independent. Best of luck!!


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