Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cars 2/ Ice Cream for the Berry Children

I took Kane to see Cars 2 last week and he actually did really well. The movie was so adorable and we had the best mommy-son date!

Decked out in Cars gear the night before.

My little man and I in our Cars shirts.

I stumbled upon these Mater teeth the week before... they are lollipops. Perfect treat to keep him occupied in the movie!

Sweet boy kept saying "vroom, vroom" during the movie. I am so in love with his age!

He defiantly knew how to kick back and relax!

After the movie it was only appropriate that he play a cars video game.

We went to Tasti D-lite to support the Berry children. You can read their heartbreaking story here.

After ice cream we met the family at the Racquet Club for dinner and playtime.

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