Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Life In The Fast Lane

We have been going nonstop since we moved! I canceled all activities yesterday and we finally had a day at home. I guess I should mention the whole day was spent with me on the phone comparing insurance companies. HA! so much for that.

Ours days have been filled with lunches, play dates, visiting family and so on. We are so blessed! Here are a few pictures over the last few weeks...

We made cupcake ice cream cones, cupcakes on the inside and frosting on top!

Our backyard truly is gorgeous.... hate to brag, but i can't lie. The whole yard is shaded 24/7 so we are constantly back there. Our neighbors have dogs and Kane found a little peep hole where he can watch the dogs play. Sweet love bug checks it every time we are outside.

Our yard guys have some serious competition. They better stay on their toes or Kane is going to take their job!

This past week our front and backyard have become home to these HUGE birds. To be honest, they scare the crap out of me. They are literally half of Kane's size and are big enough to peck me to death. Mama is not a fan and I have no idea how to get these creatures to find a new home! My grandma said "maybe the escaped from the zoo!" haha! leave it to grandma!

We are not too far from Discovery Green, so we have been there a handful of times already. Kane loves it... probably because Michael and I get soaked chasing him around the fountain! He thinks it is the funniest thing ever.

Playing in the mister.

Where's Kane? ha!

The first time we went I did not know Kane needed swim trunks so he went in with his shorts on. Mommy fail moment. I should have done my homework.

Pure joy!

Michael has been home so much more this year. Kane and I love all the extra daddy time! Michael and Kane have started playing T. Woods on Wii every night. So cute watching Kane swing!

One of our favorite places is the Racquet Club. We can eat, swim, play tennis and play on the playground. It keeps Kane occupied and always ensures a nice, long nap when we get home! :)

Nothing like an ice cold cup of water after a tough tennis match with Lulu!

My little tennis prep!

Swimming at the Racquet club...

There is a tunnel mister in the pool, but Kane is NOT a fan!

Waiting for the buckets to pour water on daddy's head!

He thinks he is so big!

In the evenings Michael an Kane have started playing soccer in the back. Words can not even express how thankful I am for our new house, yard and most importantly Michael's easier schedule.

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