Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Caden

Chelsea and I threw Caden a mini birthday party last week at my house. Any excuse to get together and eat!!

We hung balloons in the playroom with the kids "help".

Sweet Caden kept telling us that he turned 2 yesterday. (His birthday was back in May) Chelsea and I adore Caden and are always amazed with how smart he is!

A, C and K.

We had pasta salad, fruit and cupcakes.

Caden doing the dinosaur. ROAR!

present time!

Time to blow out his candle!

Love these kids!

Time for goodbye hugs.

Amberly is the best hugger!

Happy 2nd Birthday Caden! We all adore you so much!


  1. omg love this! Such sweet kiddos!

  2. Photos you will treasure, cute and loving kids...

  3. Jaime, you are such a good mommy!


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