Monday, August 29, 2011


We live just minutes away from Abby and Matt and have only see them a few times... shame on us! Aunt Ashley called and told us to meet her over there so we literally jumped in the car 2 minutes later. You don't have to talk me into seeing sweet Ella. Ashley nicknamed Kane and Ella- Kella. ha! love it!

Aunt Ashley with her nephew and Aunt. Holly with her niece!

Kane LOVES babies on TV, but was not too sure about real babies !

He was all over the place at their house! He played with every baby gadget he could find!

Love this little girl! While I was holding Ella he refused to look at me. He stood by Ashley with his head down and his arms crossed! Such a character!
We had Michael's family over for dinner the other night and as Lulu was leaving he jumped in her car!

He had so much fun "driving"!

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