Monday, October 3, 2011


We recently took a quick trip to Dallas to visit some of Michael's college friends. We both love Dallas so much that we wouldn't mind moving there one day. Michael and I have been to Dallas quite a few times since we started dating, but that didn't stop him from showing me the SMU campus AGAIN. He is so proud of it and quite frankly, I totally understand. It is such a beautiful campus.

He loved seeing all the new additions to the campus.

We visited a total of 4 people in a matter of 24 hours, so in all the craziness I forgot to take pictures. One of our stops was to Chick-fil-a to see Annie and her two kids. We missed her daughter's 1st birthday party, so we hand delivered her presents.

The morning we left Dallas we went to In & Out for breakfast. We were so worried that we would have to wait in line, but we were the first people there!

See, first in line!

animal style!

After our "breakfast" burger we met up with Alice and her boyfriend at Cafe Brazil. Their coffee is to die for!

There is a playground by the SMU campus, so we stopped and let Kane play for a bit.

It was so funny seeing all the college "kids" around campus and then looking at Michael push Kane on the swing. Time really does fly by.

We can't wait to visit Dallas (& H&M) again!

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