Monday, October 3, 2011

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend did not go exactly as planned. We had reservations at Barton Creek, but at the last minute we found out Michael had to work, so we had to cancel. We ended up going to the outlet mall, having dinner at Lulu's and a BBQ at the Tippits. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend.

Driving to the outlets!
I was trying to entertain him with my glasses, but he ended up entertaining me!
After doing some damage and changing clothes we were on our way home! We wore him out!
Lulu had a small get together at her house to watch the SMU game and eat dinner.
Kane showing Paul how to work his phone.
Kane and Uncle Matt.. or maTTTT as Kane likes to call him.
Swimming at the Tippit's.

Lulu was silly and got in the pool with her workout clothes on!

Trying to get in Ella's ladybug float.

Pretty Aunt Abby and baby Ella

Ella is one hot chick!

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