Saturday, December 24, 2011

where in the world is Sheldon Miranda?

We finished up with our elf on the shelf today. He has been put away until next year. Take a look at his final days in the Miranda hCheck Spellingouse!

December 16th
Sheldon practicing his ABCs

December 17th
we found him relaxing on his hammock

December 18th
admiring baby Jesus

December 19th
Looks like Sheldon found the singing choir obnoxious too! Sorry we didn't have earplugs for you Shelly!

December 20th
roasting marshmallows

December 21st
Yikes! Sheldon got locked out! Good thing he had on a scarf and earmuffs!

December 22nd
Trying to get a little color before returning to the North Pole.

December 23rd
Sheldon made himself cherry iced do-nuts

December 24th
Off to the North Pole until next year!

Shelly, we had so much fun with you this year! We can not wait to see you next year!

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