Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas Dinner

Since I had to stop blogging last month I never had a chance to post about Christmas dinner. So here you go....

After Christmas morning, we went home to nap and shower before heading back to Lulu's for Christmas dinner. We all took a much needed 3 hour nap!

Michael showing K YouTube clips of Sesame Street.

Such a happy boy!

His little piano from LuLu

Kane was sneaky and opened other people's gifts while we weren't looking!
You are busted buddy!

When he plays the piano he sticks his tongue out, ha!

Such a proud daddy!
Me- "don't move Michael, just smile." ha! I'll take anything as long as Kane is looking!

My sweet family!

Michael and Kane looking at the Christmas lights from Lulu's front porch.

We sang happy birthday to baby Jesus after dinner.

So thankful for my angel

Mr. Greg gave us a huge cheesecake from Kenny and Ziggy's!

Kane just couldn't wait for us to cut it! Guess that is what we get for putting it right in front of him!

Playing in the dog bed

Aunt Ash and Kane

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our families. We are so blessed!

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