Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day

Sorry for the mini hiatus- we had a few concerning emails that required me to shut the blog down for awhile. I am so excited to be back and fill you in on all of our January celebrations.

We met Michael's family at the Angus Grill a few nights ago. Despite Kane being a wild man at home, he is such a perfectly behaved young man in public... usually.

Ashley snapped this picture of him that night and I have to say, it is my new favorite picture.
Kane helped me decorate for Valentine's Day last week. Most of the decor has never been used, so it was fun getting it all out and seeing what I had.
Kane helped himself to one of my Swarovski heart ornaments and cracked it. Just adds charm and character... right?

We also made Kane a "tree of love". Each person and favorite toy has their own heart and place on the tree.

No tree is complete without a couple's initials carved in the trunk.
KM= Kane
AW= Amberly

I made Kane a knockoff Pottery Barn Valentine envelope. Super easy to do!
Kane's artwork got replaced with holiday decor... once again.
Pinterest is full of creative Valentine ideas, so since Kane is not in school yet I thought it would be cute to give him 14 small gifts. I had so much fun picking things out at the Dollar Store and the dollar section at Target.

Now the trick is going to be hiding all the bags from Kane!

Gifts 1-4


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!! I love pinterest. :)

  2. youre the cutest momma ever. i love everything you do for Kane.

  3. oh my word. so cute. I need to get busy :)

  4. Love this! So glad you're back! And I love the A and K are Valentine's :)


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