Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas morning

We decided to spend Christmas Eve night at my MIL's house . After Kane went to sleep, Ashley and I set up all his Santa gifts.
Kane must have been a good little boy, because Santa was incredibly generous this year!

Some of Kane's gifts were- a baby grand piano, a shopping cart and a spaceship.

Kane looking at his gifts when he first woke up.

Aunt Ashley and Kane going to wake up Uncle Matt

Santa forgot to eat his cookies, so Kane helped himself.

Trying on his new slippers

All the boys had matching pajamas.

Kane's breakfast plate


Michael and Lulu

Sweet boy eating breakfast

Uncle Matt and K playing in his spaceship


grocery shopping in Lulu's kitchen!

Kane giving Lulu her stepping stone

Aunt Ash and Kane

The spaceship needed some repairs, so Kane went to work!

We had matching pajamas too!

Love my family!

My love

After breakfast, Kane asked Aunt Ashley if he could take a bubble bath in her tub.

We had such a blessed Christmas with our families! So blessed to be surrounded by our loved ones this year!

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