Monday, February 20, 2012

daddy love

Kane used to be the biggest mamas boy, but now he can not get enough of his daddy. I have to say, I am pretty jealous and do not like it one bit! My sweet baby is getting so big and becoming such a BOY! I play all the "boy games" like- trains, chase, airplanes, dump trucks- but it's still not enough. There is just something about his daddy that he can not get enough of! (Can't say that I blame him!)
My heart glows when I see them playing together. I truly am happy that Michael has a little shadow... maybe I just need another baby?? (nope, not pregnant)

Kane and Michael playing trains.

The other day when we were all playing out back, I asked Kane to smile for a picture... this is all I got before he ran to include Michael in the shots.

So happy to be hanging on his daddy's leg.


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