Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be My Valentine

The day before Valentine's Day we met some friends for a quick play-date. We put these treat bags together for Kane's friends.

I got the bags from the dollar section at Target last month and I am truly in love with them. I think they are so precious. Each friend got bubbles, a straw, M&Ms, candy hearts and a ring pop.

I wrapped up the M&Ms with Valentine paper and added a heart note.

I was organizing some boxes for an upcoming garage sale and I found my heart frames. I put them out just in time!

Kane woke up Valentine's morning to a surprise breakfast. I decorated his table and made him homemade heart pop tarts.

Kane and I made heart cookies on sticks the night before

love these heart marshmallows
I filled the pop tarts with pureed strawberries and bananas.

"You have my whole heart for my whole life"

Since Kane is OBSESSED with trash trucks I knew he would love his final V-day gift.

He was so surprised to see his table.
He is becoming quite the picky dresser. He asked for his puppy shirt and monkey bottoms. ha!

I made him two heart chair covers
thank you kisses for daddy

I think he loves the trash truck

My Valentine brought me the sweetest card and most beautiful roses.

We were so thankful for such a gorgeous day, that we played outside all afternoon.

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