Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day LuLu Style

We went over to LuLu's house a few nights ago and Kane scored in the Valentine gift department. He got a dump truck, a mailbox, 2 dogs, a tractor and clothes! He has the BEST aunt and LuLu ever.
Sweet boy loves his new toys.
Uncle Matt and Kane

He knew exactly what to do with his new dump truck... take it outside and fill it with rocks and dirt!

He has figured out that LuLu's house has a fun weight room where he can get in to lots of trouble!

Working off those gummy bears he's eating.

So many fun things!

He got to bring home his puppy since LuLu's real puppy doesn't like it.

He insisted that his puppy had to go potty, so instead of risking him throwing his puppy in the toilet, we had to explain that dogs go potty outside.

Puppy even got to sit on the table while Kane ate his snack.

His sweet LuLu came by on Valentine's Day to deliver more gifts for her Valentine.

A huge frog
and little frog cookies.
Thank you so much LuLu and Aunt Ashley for your generosity! Kane is so blessed!

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