Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mini Valentine Gifts

In continuation of this post, here are Kane's mini Valentine gifts for days 5-13.

-Day 5-

-Day 6-

-Day 7-

Posing with his new bouncy ball

-Day 8-
We made cupcakes with our heart cupcake pan.

-Day 9-
I found these adorable cups at Walmart. Seriously in love with the cuteness!
Kane has had popcorn only a handful of times, so it is a real treat for him.

Love my little Valentine!

-Day 10-

-Day 11-
Daddy and Kane sporting their mustaches.

This picture makes my laugh out loud. Am I married to Borat or Michael?
-Day 12-

-Day 13-

On Valentine's Day, Kane woke up to a fun breakfast where he received his final gift.

(All the gift labels were printed off the internet from blogs and websites)

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