Sunday, March 18, 2012

Picnics and Play-dates

Thursday we packed up some toys, picked up Chick-fil-a and headed to the park. Have to say, I love the grilled chicken option they offer now. Not sure how much longer I can get him to eat that over my nuggets though.

Lucky for Kane, they were mowing the park. He was more interested in watching them than playing.

Loves the lemonade just like his mama!

After he ate lunch, he insisted on swinging until they were done mowing. Talk about front row seats!

On Friday, Stephanie and I met at the Playscape to let the kids play together. However, we spent a majority of our time eating and watching the fish! ha!

Big hugs from Bella

Last week Kane and I were inside and nearly missed the garbage trucks coming by. I had the washer, dryer and dishwasher all going at the same time, so I had no idea they were outside our house. Luckily, we have quite the relationship with the trash truck drivers, so he started honking for us. We quickly ran outside to find him stopped in front of our house. He started smiling and waving once he saw us. How freaking awesome is that? Kane's little heart was about to burst with excitement!

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