Friday, March 16, 2012

zoo trip

Kane and I got invited to go to the zoo with my mom's next door neighbor this week. She has 3 kids- 1 girl and 2 boys. Kane and her two boys are bffs... they manage to get in lots of trouble when they play together.

RJ, Zack, Blake and Kane

Poor Blake was afraid of every single animal. He hung back with me while the other kids went to the petting zoo.

taking a break to eat some lunch

Taylor was such a big helper! So thankful for her on such a crowded day.

Kane, RJ and Blake

Kane, Taylor and Zack watching the bears

Kane and Taylor playing the "bongos" (that's what Kane calls them)

Kane practically walked the whole entire zoo. He was so big and grown up... didn't resist holding hands at all.

Since I did not get a picture of Kane and I at the zoo, I snapped one when we got home. Too bad he was fast asleep!

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