Thursday, March 29, 2012

playing, painting and park fun

Kane and I were invited to Caden's house for a play-date this past Monday. We have been meaning to get together for a long time now, it just never seemed to work out.

Caden and Kane racing each other in the backyard.

It looked like so much fun that Miss. Amberly decided to join in.

Ambs blowing bubbles for the boys

Love his sweet smile more than anything

Kane and I made a pit stop at Toys R Us and picked him up some new spring goodies. I think I love shopping there more than he does! I have so many fond memories of going there with my dad. He took us there every single Sunday when we were little. Spoiled much? ha! That must be where I get my over the top approach to parenting.

We scooped up some paints and scissors for summertime crafts.
(along with a new water table, bucket and a sprinkler)

I have been eyeing these cute pjs at Old Navy for a long time- a couple weeks ago I ran in for something else and noticed they were on clearance for $5. Score! Or so I thought- if you can see, count the dogs feet. LOL

His first masterpiece!
Now that the weather is pretty, we have been eating dinner at the Racquet Club on Sunday nights. It really is the most perfect place for children. We can all sit right by the gated playground and eat while Kane plays.
We came prepared to swim this time, but Kane wanted nothing to do with the pool. He was happy as a clam playing on the playground.

Sliding with Uncle Matt

Kane always asks Matt about his "ouchy" on his elbow.

Between Ashley and myself we could survive for weeks out in the wild with our enormous bags that we tote around.

Once Kane asks to eat, we run in, grab food off the buffet and run back. Told you, best place for kids!

Of course, there is also a dessert table!

If you follow me on twitter than you may know that the past month I have had some car trouble. It all started one day when I got in my car and the radio and blinker wouldn't work. It would not happen all the time, just on random occasions. I took it in and without testing anything else they replaced the whole radio for me. A week later, I had the same issue again. I took it back while the radio was out and the service manager told me to bring it back on Monday. I did just that, only for them to tell me I had to bring it while the issue was happening (duh, that's why I brought it in on a Friday afternoon). As time went on, the issues got worse. My car wouldn't start and no lights would come on when I pressed unlock. It appeared to be dead. Can you see where this is going? I was not a happy camper. After many calls to the manager of the dealership and the GM headquarters, they finally found the problem! On it's last visit in, the head of the dealership called to tell me yet again that they could not figure out what was wrong. I asked them if they had checked the battery- I had just had a new one installed 5 months prior, so it never occurred to us that it could be the source. Sure enough, he called me right back to tell me when they popped the hood to check it, the mechanics arm "brushed on one of the cables and the whole car died". Hallelujah! On my way to pick up my car, I started thinking about that cable. If it was THAT sensitive to shut off the car, it could have easily done that while I was driving if I hit a bump in the road. I feel so blessed that nothing happened to us and the issue was resolved. God is great!

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