Monday, March 26, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day (part 2)

To continue our St. Patrick's Day countdown here are days 12th-17th.
(we had to take a little break in our activities because of Kane's hospitalization)

Day 12
I found shamrock pasta at Cost Plus, so we had some for lunch in hopes of having good luck.

Day 13
We made green chocolate suckers. They were white chocolate flavored and really tasty!

Day 14
We actually planted our clover seeds a month ago, but just recently started to see the results. Unfortunately, they did not turn in to clovers in time so we pulled clovers out of our yard and planted those in another container.
Not to point the finger at anyone, but a little helper dropped the planter and cracked the side of it.

Day 15
We made 2 different types of St. Patrick's Day cupcakes

I got the idea for these cupcakes here.

Day 16
We made green donuts for breakfast.

I experimented with a shamrock donut for myself.

Kane was not so sure about it, so he gave it the smell test. ha!

That evening Kane and I made a trap in hopes of catching a leprechaun! Rumor has it, if you catch one you'll have good luck forever!

We used gold coins and a decoy leprechaun in front of the house to lure one inside.

My dad's former roofing company was O'malley's National Maintenance... so it made for a perfect hotel name! We put a pot of gold just inside the door- if the leprechaun stepped inside, the door would slam shut and trap the leprechaun.

Day 17
We woke up to leprechaun footprints leading straight into the house. We were positive that we caught one until we took off the roof and discovered he had escaped! He did leave behind his hat under a window.

Sneaky leprechaun made off with all the gold coins!

By the looks of our table, he was not too happy that we tried to capture him. Apparently, we need to get sneakier next year.
A note he left behind for Kane

He couldn't have been too upset at us- he left Kane a giant pot filled with goodies.

Those cookies look frozen... maybe the leprechaun forgot to take them out of the freezer in time for them to thaw? ha!

Kane got a book, stickers, a glow stick, and lots of treats. Hope his daddy doesn't mind all the sugar!

He was so excited to check out all of his goodies!

After rummaging through his St. Patrick's Day goodies, Kane sat down to enjoy a yummy Irish breakfast.

A stack of yellow, green, red and purple pancakes

I made him shamrock chair covers

My little leprechaun!
This was 2 days after we got home from the hospital- he still looks so pale.

I saw this shirt in the Chasing Fireflies magazine and knew I had to copy it!

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