Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day was always a big deal at my dads house. My brother and I got little treats and my dad flew the Irish flag the whole month of March. Of course, I want to pass on my Irish pride to Kane, but I think I knocked it up a few degrees... to say the least.

Kane helped me rummage through all the Saint Patrick's Day decorations to make our house festive.

We printed out this famous little saying for his playroom.

I printed out pictures of Kane the past two years on St. Patrick's Day.

We made a banner
and decorated the dresser. My brother gave me the Waterford Shamrock when I got married and my step mom gave me my favorite Irish blessing for Christmas 2 years ago.
Our very simple... and kind of cheesy wreath.
I made Kane an activity list for the first 17 days in March.

Day 1
we made shamrock cupcakes and decorated them with green icing and sprinkles.

Day 2
I printed out coloring pages from Crayola and let Kane color them.
I found the "Top of the morning" saying on the internet. That is how my dad answered all of his phone calls from me. Seeing that saying makes my heart happy.

Day 3
I printed out 17 pots of gold from here and cut out gold coins. Kane had to put the correct number of gold coins on the pot.
Kane's gold coins

Day 4
We made Kane a green shake.

Day 5
We made Lucky Charms ice cream sandwiches.
Found here. I tried to cut out shamrocks... just pretend like you see it.

Big scoop of ice cream smashed between 2 Lucky Charm treats.

Day 6
I tried to get Kane to separate the Fruit Loop colors to make a rainbow. He did not really get what I was saying... he just shoveled them in to his mouth as fast as he could.

"See Kane, like this."

Day 7
Kane and I made shamrock cookies

Someone couldn't wait long enough for them to bake.

watching them bake

Kane then got to decorate a few
trying out his finished product

Day 8
We put together bags of green popcorn to "pinch" his friends. We happened to be going to my birthday dinner with his cousins, so we brought theirs along.
Found here

You would think green apple popcorn would not taste so good... surprisingly, it's not too bad!

Day 9
I tried to get Kane to do another craft with cereal... first one did not work out so well, so I should have known this would not either. This was supposed to be an orange and green Apple Jack necklace.

We got only a few strung before he devoured the whole thing.

Day 10
Kane took a GREEN bath.

Day 11
We made someone a little surprise! We hid it on a shelf inside Target.
Saying found here

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  1. you are SO fun and creative!! I love everything you do for Kane-- he's one blessed little boy. I'm crossing my fingers I can do ONE fun thing for St. Patrick's Day! -- Love his cute green pants/jeans? Where did you find those cuties?!


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