Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter at the HRC

We met up with the Tippits and Spinns this year at the Racquet Club for the annual Easter party. They had everything a little kid could ever ask for! Between a bouncy house, petting zoo, Easter egg hunts, park, photo booth, cookie decorating and crafts, the kids partied until they dropped. It was truly the most fun party and we can not wait to go back next year.

Kane's Easter basket was out of control this year. I ordered wheat grass from Chasing Fireflies to plant in the bucket and they weren't lying that it only took 2 days to see grass. I even had to trim it down a couple times. I knew if I filled the whole bucket with dirt, it would be way too heavy to carry around, so I wedged one of Kane's plates in the bucket and grew the grass on that. Michael was so impressed, he has plans to transfer the grass to our backyard.

The jelly bean contest that we did not win. ha!

Cookie decorating table

Kane would not even wait for LuLu to finish his cookie before he shoved a hand full of sprinkles in his mouth.

Love my sweet husband!

Aunt Ashley took Kane inside and got him popcorn while we waited on Ella to arrive.

Watching the Easter bunny arrive

I was certain that Kane would hate the bunny, but he proved me wrong. He was obsessed with the him. Literally, he followed him around all afternoon. I almost felt bad for the Easter bunny because would not leave him alone!

Kane's favorite person ever... Uncle Matt

Sorry for all the bunny pictures... I told you, he was obsessed!

Getting ready for the egg hunt!

Big hugs for Aunt Abby and Ella

Love the Spinn family!

Waiting so patiently for the gates to open

He completely understood the whole Easter egg thing. It kind of shocked me because we did not practice one time.

Aunt Holly helping him find eggs

Pretty baby Ella

After eggs, we went to sit on the bunny's lap for pictures

Ella wanted nothing to do with him!

Kane did not get why she was crying. What was to hate? ha!

It was a little better when her mommy sat with her

Sitting down for lunch with Uncle Matt

Aunt Holly and Mr. Paul.
Kane has always loved Paul and reaches for him the second that he sees him!

Loving on Uncle Trey
and his Grand-dude Tipp

Ella was content as could be sitting on the craft table eating foam eggs :)

Ella checking out the petting zoo

Love these two kiddos

They had so many different types of animals to see...
goats, a horse, pigs, ducks, chicks, bunnies, turtles, chickens, llamas just to name a few. It was a craziness!

Kane loved "hugging" the baby chicks

Checking out the bunnies under the stool

He was so gentle and loving with the bunnies.

Checking out the horse

The minute we pulled out of the club parking lot, he was asleep.

After nap time, we decorated bunny cupcakes.

Such a ham!

He had so much fun smearing icing all over our faces.

After all those sweets we decided we needed to go on a long walk to burn off the calories.

This may be the longest post ever. Sorry!

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