Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Day

The night before Easter Kane and I sat out our bunny bait. We did not want the Easter bunny to forget to stop at our house!

Kane woke up Sunday morning to find all of these goodies.

Running to his Easter stash

Kane loved the confetti eggs

Instead of busting them on our heads, he just kept throwing them everywhere! We had confetti all over the place!

Checking out his new bubble machine
Sweet boy helping me sweep up the mess
Sitting for his Easter breakfast

After only eating a few bites of his bunny pancake, he decided that his chick needed to eat as well.

After our quiet Easter celebration we headed to my moms for her neighborhood party. She went above and beyond for all of the kids. Family, friends, neighbors and neighbor's family members were all invited over for food, egg hunts and much more.

She had different egg hunting areas assigned for different age groups.

Blake, Cadyn and Kane all running to collect their eggs in the cul-de-sac.

Poor Kane- there was an egg attached to a string and every single time Kane would reach down to pick it up, the man would move it. Kane finally gave up and walked away.

Cadyn collecting the eggs as fast as she could

The 2nd group of kids had eggs hidden in her backyard, while the 3rd group had eggs hidden all over the front yard.

The older group getting ready to go!

Giving Grandpa a hello hug

My brother, Cadyn and our grandfather
Taylor and Blake

Showing Grandma Carolyn his candy

Kylie showing off her Easter egg tree

Each kid had 2 boxes of confetti eggs, so there was mass chaos for about 3 minutes. Kane threw one that hit me right on the forehead!
Kane getting his daddy

Ms. Michelle showing Kane how to crack the eggs

Hunter was determined to get Kane! I have never seen K run so fast!

My mom had Easter baskets for all of the kids

Out in the backyard they had the water slide and bubble machine all set up

Landon gave piggy back rides to all the kids

Love this picture!

Zach trying to warm up!

My oldest niece, Chloe

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