Friday, April 6, 2012

potty training & new car

I am so happy to say that Kane is officially potty trained! We have touched on it in the past but he always lost interest. Last weekend, Michael and I tried it again and he got it! He has not had one single accident. I still put him in diapers at nap time, bed time and when we leave. So far, he only uses his diaper at bed time. When we are out running errands he will tell me when he needs to go. A few times I have not been able to drop everything at that second and he has held it for 20+ minutes. Amazing. I truly can not believe how easy this has been. I only asked/reminded him about going on the first day. He will even wake up and tell me he has to go. I am so thankful for such an easy transition. He has to be fully potty trained by the time he starts school in the fall (go to the bathroom by himself) and we are so close to being at that point! Just when I think I can predict how Kane will react to a situation he does the exact opposite. ha!

In other news, Michael got a new car yesterday! After months of looking he decided on a Mercedes E class. It is such a beautiful car- Michael better watch out, I may insist on swapping cars!

We have had a few Easter themed treats this week
-a bunny pancake-
-Easter noodles-
-Easter cookie pizza-
(have to admit that we threw this whole thing away. It was way too sweet, as I'm sure you can imagine)

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